Valentine’s Day Adventures in Renton


For Valentine’s Day, Ian and I decided to take to Downtown Renton to see what kinds of adventures we could have.

First we stopped over at Garland Jewelers to get me a pretty little piece of jewelry. We made it at 5:45pm (which for us means getting off work early). They were closed, so we took silly pictures in front of their store. Don’t you love the quaint mosaic tile floor with their name on it

Next we walked until we found something open: Old Renton Book Exchange! I love books of all kinds, and particularly children’s books. We stopped in to see what we could see. Dacia, the owner, had some great recommendations for us. This is how the conversation went:

Me: “What do you have with pretty illustrations?”

Dacia: “How pretty is pretty?”

Me: “I don’t know, pretty.”

Based on her recommendation I found a new book of a French fairy tales with illustrations from Edmund Dulac. Monsieur Dulac’s illustrations are what I would call “pretty”. We also bought the next book that the Old Renton Book Exchange book club is reading. I hope we can read it before Wednesday when they meet again!

After leaving the bookstore with hugs and well-wishes, we stopped over at Renton Flower Shop where Ian had cleverly called ahead and ordered me roses. Don’t they look lovely? They smelled so lovely too! Thanks Ian!

The arrangement was an aromatic delight to carry down the street as we walked toward our dinner destination. On the way I noticed this sign in the window of Uncle Mo’s Snappy Inn. Funny the things you notice when you walk as opposed to drive.

We arrived momentarily at our dinner destination: Red House Beer & Wine Shoppe and Tapas Bar. We had peeked at the Valentine menu. Our mouths watered with anticipation.


We sat at a table surrounded by floor-to-ceiling wine bottles. The flowers we bought looked beautiful on the table. Here is Ian poring over our new treasures.

Ian had the venison special, which had a fruity balsamic reduction, and came with garlic turnip mashed potatoes and sauteed spicy greens. I had the Filet Mignon Oscar with Dungeness & Rock Crab Meat, Asparagus Caper Hollandaise Sauce over Garlic Turnip Mashed Potatoes. My steak was fork-tender, and the sauce delectable. I didn’t lick my plate. That’s not to say I didn’t want to.

After dinner we drove up to the Highlands to get a little something for Ian. We stopped in at 4th Street Wine and Spirits for some Scotch. Here’s a happy Ian with his treat. Actually we both love Scotch, and buying from this independent liquor store, so this gift is a win-win-win!

Our final stop was at Sweet Decadence Chocolates in Newcastle*. Like business smarties, they were open until 10pm on Valentine’s Day! Even in the late evening, Sweet Decadence had a wide selection of handmade chocolates and caramels. We chose a half-pound of truffles, which were carefully placed in a white box and tied with a red ribbon.


*For the record, we are not exclusive to Renton. We love Newcastle and businesses in Newcastle too! Ian and I both grew up there. Ian’s dad, Stuart Liddle, was among the first city council members when Newcastle incorporated as a city.


  1. Shannon Richards says:

    Fun!!! I loved this!!!

  2. Shannon Richards says:

    Love your Valentines night!

  3. Thank you for including us in your Valentine walk, I had no idea when Ian ordered the flowers and then picked them up what you were doing! You had a very special Valentines Day!

    • Amanda says:

      It was a very special Valentine’s Day! It was special because so many people made it so, including you, Roxanne! Thanks for the beautiful flowers. They are still in great condition!

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