Locals love Renton! Those of us who live here rave about safe, diverse neighborhoods, great restaurants, lots of free parking, and lack of traffic jams. Only the uninformed still refer to Renton in terms of the old, outdated, unflattering reputation. Rely On Renton is about supporting the city that we love through patronizing it’s businesses, entertainment, and arts programs, and volunteering to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

RelyLocal Renton

The Rely On Renton blog is part of the RelyLocal Renton campaign: a community campaign to improve our local economy by supporting our small, locally owned businesses thereby keeping more money circulating in Renton’s economy. RelyLocal-Renton is Renton’s “locals only” business directory. You can use RelyLocal-Renton to find the goods and services you need at locally owned businesses. As a consumer, you can be assured that RelyLocal business members care about Renton’s community and want to see it grow. Take advantage of the coupons and deals found in the directory. Don’t forget to tell them: “I saw it in RelyLocal.”

Listing in RelyLocal is affordable for small businesses of any size. Among its benefits you will receive greater visibility for your business both online and offline. Submit a listing for your business today!

About Ian and Amanda Liddle

This blog is written by Ian and Amanda Liddle. The couple have lived in the Renton/ Newcastle area most of their lives. When they met and married in 2010, they had a common goal of living, working, playing, and serving in a strong, vibrant community. They believe a large part of the success of a community is dependent on the strength of their small businesses.

Having both been small business owners, they understand the difficulties that accompany owning a small business. They were seeking more ways to help out the little guy when they launched the Renton / Newcastle RelyLocal campaign in August 2012. As a community campaign, the Rely On Renton needs your support. They are asking consumers, citizens of Renton, to pledge to shift $20 of their monthly spending budget to shop at small, locally owned businesses rather than online and big box stores like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. As for businesses, they are asking owners to list their business on the www.relyonrenton.com local business directory, and to seek ways that they can source supplies and services with other Renton / Newcastle businesses to keep our hard-earned money in our city.  Unless otherwise noted, all content and images are original content produced by the Liddles. Reprint with attribution is encouraged.

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    Sponsors of the program, now entering its 16th year, include Friends of the Cedar River Watershed, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Public Utilities, King County Flood Control District, City of Renton, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the WRIA8 Salmon Recovery Council.

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